Tutorials & Talks

Selected Presentations (Neuroscience and Biological Imaging)

  • Synthesizing fMRI using generative adversarial networks: cognitive neuroscience applications, promises and pitfalls (Tutorial)

    • at Neurohackacademy (U Washington) [video (external link)] (Aug 2018)

    • at DALI (Jan 2019)

    • at OHBM Education Course (Presented by Bliss Chapman, June 2019)

  • Probabilistic Models for Brain Data Analysis
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at UC Berkeley (July 2017)

    • at University of Sydney (Aug 2017)

    • short version at Big Data Neuroscience workshop (Sep 2017)

  • Decoding brain activity using a large-scale probabilistic functional-anatomical atlas of human cognition
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Beckman cognitive neuroscience brown bag (Oct 2016)

    • at Univ. of Sydney (Aug 2017)

Selected Presentations (Machine Learning)

  • Towards Machine Learning for Personalized Healthcare

  • Asynchrony and Fault-tolerance in Federated ML; Two Vignettes

    • at Google Seattle (June 2019)

  • Robust Federated and Distributed Learning

    • at ITA (Feb 2019)

    • at TTIC (Mar 2019)

    • at IBM Research [slides (pdf)] (Oct 2019)

  • How effective is your classifier? Revisiting the the role of metrics in machine learning

    • at Google Brain (March 2018)

    • at Purdue's Approximation Theory and Machine Learning workshop [video (external link)] (Sep 2018)

    • at Microsoft Research Cambridge (Sep 2019)

  • Metrics Matter, Examples from Binary and Multilabel Classification
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Google Brain (July 2017)

    • at Facebook AI Research Paris (Aug 2017)

    • at MPI Tuebingen (Aug 2017)

  • Frequency Domain Predictive Modeling with Aggregated Data
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Information Theory and Applications Workshop (Feb 2017)

  • Beyond Accuracy: Scalable Classification with Complex Metrics
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Georgia Tech (Nov 2016)

    • at Illinois Machine Learning Seminar (Jan 2017)

  • From probabilistic models to decision theory and back again