Tutorials & Talks



  • Learning with Aggregated Data: A Tale of Two Approaches
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at CSL SINE Seminar (March 2017)

  • Frequency Domain Predictive Modeling with Aggregated Data
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Information Theory and Applications Workshop (Feb 2017)

  • Beyond Accuracy: Scalable Classification with Complex Metrics
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Georgia Tech ISyE Machine Learning Seminar (Nov 2016)

    • at Illinois Machine Learning Seminar (Jan 2017)

  • Decoding brain activity using a large-scale probabilistic functional-anatomical atlas of human cognition
    [slides (pdf)]

    • at Beckman cognitive neuroscience brown bag (Oct 2016)

  • From probabilistic models to decision theory and back again
    [abstract (pdf)], [slides (pdf)]

    • at Gatsby Unit, UCL (July 2016)

    • at University of Amsterdam (July 2016)

    • at TTI-Chicago (June 2016)

  • TBA